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Riviera Selection

Italian Sturgeon
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Russian Tradition

Siberian Sturgeon
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Original Beluga

Blu Adamas
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Premium Oscietra

Russian Sturgeon
Caviale Adamas - Siberian Oscietra

Siberian Oscietra

Russian Selection
Caviale Adamas - Golden Adamas

Golden Adamas

Caviale Adamas - American Tradition

American Tradition

White Sturgeon
Riviera Selection - Italian Sturgeon



Aqua ADAMAS® caviar is the Italian caviar for definition. It is a fresh caviar obtained from the hybrid between the Italian sturgeon (Acipenser Naccarii) and the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii).  Technically it is called "AL" which stands for Adriatic sea/ Lena river. The Naccarii live mainly in the Adriatic sea and the Baerii in the Lena river. It reaches a size of 30 kg or more. It takes 8-10 years to obtain caviar from this species. The diameter of the egg is between 2.5 and 2.8 mm and the color is a dark gray matrix, gunmetal variabl.

Aromatic notes

The taste of caviar is delicate and varies greatly with seasoning.

Acipenser Baerii / Acipenser Naccarii

How to taste it

The taste of caviar is sweet and delicate, it has a nutty aftertaste. It is well suited not only to decorating dishes but also to dress them because of its rich components of oils. Aqua Adamas® caviar goes well with sparkling wines and white wines made of Chardonnay or Vermentino.

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Black ADAMAS® caviar is an Italian caviar obtained from Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii), processed with the traditional "Malossol" method. The Baerii is the typical Siberian sturgeon from the Lena River. It is one of the few, if not the only sturgeon, which is not anadromous, therefore it does not live in the sea to swim upstream during reproduction.

Aromatic notes

The taste is soft, the fine and elegant flavor of pleasant fragrance is sometimes accompanied by a fresh final aromatic note. It is a transversal taste that everyone likes, both young and mature.

Acipenser Baerii

How to taste it

It is an extremely versatile caviar, suitable for every occasion and combination. It is appreciated in purity or with more complex combinations such as fish and meat tartare, or even on first courses such as risotto or a simple spaghetti with butter. It perfectly matches with fresh and mineral champagnes such as blanc de blanc or simply with a glass of plain vodka.

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Russian Tradition - Siberian Sturgeon
Original Beluga - Blu Adamas



Caviar Blu ADAMAS® is a fresh Italian Caviar obtained from the Beluga sturgeon (Huso Huso) commonly called also Ladano sturgeon. Definitely the biggest among the sturgeons reaching a weight of more than 1000kg. It is very common in eastern countries but in the past it was also present in Italy in the Adriatic Sea. Stories tell of professional fishermen of the Po River who fought epic battles to catch these gigantic fish.

Aromatic notes

This caviar has a precise, strong and intense taste. Very rich in the mouth and becomes stronger with aging. With a strong taste not easy to appreciate, It is a caviar for gourmets.

Huso Huso

How to taste it

The best way to taste this caviar is in purity, in order to fully appreciate its strong and intense taste. Black bread and salted butter is the ancient Russian tradition to fully appreciate its characteristics. Vodka accompanies naturally, clear the way to experts!

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Caviar Pink ADAMAS® is a fresh Italian Caviar obtained from the "Russian sturgeon" also known as Danube sturgeon. A species native to the seas and rivers of Eastern Europe that can weigh up to 60 kg. Commonly called the caviar Ossietra/Oscietra or Asetra (Acipenser Gueldensteadtii)

Aromatic notes

The unmistakable soft almost nutty taste is suitable for the most demanding caviar lovers and experts. The fine and elegant taste of pleasant fragrance is sometimes followed by a fresh final aromatic note. The creaminess it leaves at the end of the tasting is incomparable.

Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

How to taste it

It is a very rich and creamy caviar, richer depending on the seasoning. The grain of the caviar is generally coarse up to 3mm. The perfect tasting is in purity in order to better appreciate all its flavors. In order to make the most of this excellent product it is recommended to match it with champagne and other more "structured" sparkling wines such as vintage rosé. For distillates lovers we suggest trying this product with dry gin with citrus fruits and flowers

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Premium Oscietra - Russian Sturgeon
Siberian Oscietra - Russian Selection



Yellow ADAMAS caviar is a fresh caviar obtained from the hybrid of the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldensteadtii) and the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii). It is a medium to coarse-grained, premium caviar with an egg diameter of up to 3 mm. The purpose of hybridizing sturgeon is to get bigger eggs in the shortest time possible. That's why many of the hybrids have Baerii in their DNA, which is the fastest sturgeon to arrive at first ovulation.

Aromatic notes

The creaminess and the taste respect the best qualities of Baerii and Gueldensteadtii even if they are not always constant because, being a hybrid, sometimes one DNA is more prevalent than another.

Acipenser Baerii / Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

How to taste it

Yellow Adamas caviar has a very delicate taste with hints of hazelnut which goes well with aromatic brut sparkling wines such as Crémant of Alsace. If you want to amaze with special effects, Yellow Adamas can also be matched with liqueur wines such as Oloroso sherry.

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Golden ADAMAS caviar is an extremely rare Italian caviar and absolutely the most valuable. It is a caviar obtained from very rare albino sturgeons of the Acipenser Ruthenus variety. Albino sturgeons are lacking in melanin. They are very delicate and intolerant to sunlight so they are always bred indoors or in very sheltered places.

Aromatic notes

The taste of caviar is sweet and delicate. Its strong point is the color which makes it unique in its genre. It is used in dishes as a high-level decoration.

Acipenser Ruthenus albino

How to taste it

Emperors' caviar requires an imperial wine. The very fine taste of Golden Adamas caviar goes very well with vintage and aged champagnes.Alternatively, if you want to follow the Russian tradition, it can also be matched very well with a fine vodka served strictly iced.

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Golden Adamas - Albino
American Tradition - White Sturgeon



Caviar Green ADAMAS® is a fresh Italian Caviar, native to the North West of North America obtained from the sturgeon Acipenser Transmontanus commonly called White Sturgeon. These sturgeons can weigh over 60 kg and unlike other types of sturgeon their meats are whiter.

Aromatic notes

Strong but elegant, excellent for use in cooking in order to fully enjoy its characteristics. It can be oily and therefore suitable for recipes that require dressing.

Acipenser Transmontanus

How to taste it

It has a strong but elegant taste, excellent for use in cooking in combination with first courses and appetizers. According to the aging it can reach a very intense taste, perfect for matching with champagne and/or distillates.

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Gift your loved ones with luxury


Classy refrigerated box. This new caviar gift box is black with a golden ADAMAS logo in the lid. Inside you will find the blue ice pack to keep the caviar at the right temperature, 2 mother of pearl spoons and 1 tin opener.
The ideal gift to taste caviar perfectly: a gift to share emotions and unique tastings

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Charming objects


For a fabulous centrepiece the Adamas personalized crystal caviar holder is a unique object. The caviar holder has a special sized space to hold any 100gr and 250gr caviar tin that you wish to taste. The crystal container has to be filled with ice, then the tin is placed on top in order to keep a constant temperature throughout the entire tasting.

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ADAMAS® is the exclusive Italian caviar that represents the excellence of fish farming worldwide. ADAMAS® caviar is a unique product thanks mainly to the water where our sturgeons are born and raised.

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