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Golden ADAMAS now available!

6 Feb 2012
The extremely rare albino almas caviar, once the preferred Tsars, Shas and Emperors delight, has finally become a reality 100% made in Italy. 100% ADAMAS.
After long years of research and work about the matter of albino sturgeons, world premiere Salmo-Pan, via its brand ADAMAS, is now very proud and excited to present the extremely rare and commendable albino almas caviar Golden ADAMAS.
Golden ADAMAS is by far the most valuable caviar with unique characteristics, exclusive and pure as a diamond.
It is made from the very rare albino sturgeon whose colour reminds unmistakably the colour of gold.
Processed according to the ancient and traditional “Molossol” method by the worldwide know master salters Mr. Toufani.
Medium sized egg with very light colour, taste is suave, very delicate, classy and elegant, enriched by nice fruity nuances.
Now is possible to buy Golden caviar ADAMAS directly on-line in our e-shop or by contacting our shop at the following email address:
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