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Tasting Caviar

Tasting Caviar

27 September 2021

The best way to taste caviar is to taste it in pure form ,  in order to fully appreciate  its delicacy and persistence and aftertaste, which change according to the type of sturgeon, processing and ripening of the caviar itself. Tasting caviar in pure form is also called "Russian style". Take a small spoon made of mother of pearl, horn or bone, as long as it does not alter the taste of caviar, like metal. Take a taste of caviar from the package and put it on the back of your hand, between thumb and forefinger. In contact with human heat, caviar reaches an ideal temperature in order to fully release its characteristics. Bring it to the mouth and crush it with the tongue on the palate in order to obtain the full explosion of taste. It is recommended that you accompany the tasting with a sip of champagne or sparkling wine. Vodka is used to cleanse the palate and prepare for a new tasting.

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