Caviale Imperial ADAMAS® è un Caviale italiano fresco ottenuto dallo "storione Russo" anche noto come storione del Danubio. Una specie originaria dei mari, fiumi dell'Est Europa che arriva a pesare fino ai 60 kg. Comunemente chiamato il caviale Ossietra/Osetra/Oscietra o Asetra (Acipenser Gueldensteadtii). Come con il Pink Adamas la tipologia di storione è la stessa ma abbiamo fatto una selezione del caviale in base alla dimensione e al colore. “ Imperial” definisce per l’appunto una qualità superiore.

Aromatic notes

The unmistakable soft almost nutty taste is suitable for the most demanding caviar lovers and experts. The fine and elegant taste of pleasant fragrance is sometimes followed by a fresh final aromatic note. The creaminess it leaves at the end of the tasting is incomparable.

  • STURGEON: Acipenser Gueldenstaedti

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  • COLOUR: Colour varies from light grey, reminiscent of Iranian caviar and Beluga, to amber to cognac.

Caviar Pink ADAMAS® is a fresh Italian Caviar obtained from the "Russian sturgeon" also known as Danube sturgeon. A species native to the seas and rivers of Eastern Europe that can weigh up to 60 kg. Commonly called the caviar Ossietra/Oscietra or Asetra (Acipenser Gueldensteadtii). Just like with Pink Adamas, the type of sturgeon is the same but we have made a selection of caviar accordingly to size and colour. Indeed, 'Imperial' defines a superior quality.

It is a very rich and creamy caviar, richer depending on the seasoning. The grain of the caviar is generally coarse up to 3mm. The perfect tasting is in purity in order to better appreciate all its flavors. In order to make the most of this excellent product it is recommended to match it with champagne and other more "structured" sparkling wines such as vintage rosé. For distillates lovers we suggest trying this product with dry gin with citrus fruits and flowers.

Texture: well defined, solidm generally well shelled
Egg size: 2,8 / 3,0 mm
Composition: sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative (E285)
Storage temperature: from 0° to 7° C
Conservation: 3 months in the refrigerator

Delivered extremely fresh

We deliver by express delivery in 48/72 hours through thermal isoboxes, to respect the cold chain and preserve the extraordinary organoleptic properties of our eggs.

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